Writing apps for windows surface

If you want to find out what all the fuss is about, give it a try on your Surface with Zen.

writing apps for windows surface

You can create any kind of notes you want in this note type. If you snap a photograph of a for rent sign, for example, and save it to your Evernote account, you'll later be able to find the note by simply search for the word "rent.

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Paper cleans up your drawing as you go, so even if you're not particularly artistic, it's still a joy to use. It's easy to learn to use, too, although you can rely on Zapier's tutorial for OneNote if you need some pointers.

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Quip takes the matter of storage and syncing into its own hands, so you don't have to bring your own. If you prefer to type on a keyboard, you can do that as well, writing text notes, checklists, and so forth.

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When creating and editing Markdown notes, Boostnote puts an extra panel on the right side of your window to preview the formatting of the note as you write. It's more of a pasteboard or pinboard, presenting you with a canvas on which you can paste images, arrows, text blocks, checklists, and other elements. The sketchpad for those who like to draw or want a blank canvas to get creative or to scratch out a few thoughts. This free app lets you create custom tiles for documents, folders, and websites. The Color by Disney app gives you a diversity of coloring books for just about any Disney film you can imagine. Choose the pen tool, and your writing will magically look like calligraphy. You can create any kind of notes you want in this note type. The Creative Cloud is the golden pinnacle of the Adobe suite, offering PhotoShop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and other pieces of professional software for creatives. You can use it to create all kinds of notes with your fingertips or a stylus, whether a sketch, annotated image, or handwritten text. You can either copy the converted text to the Clipboard or insert it into a text box in your original note and delete the original handwriting. Once you finish writing, let StaffPad play back your creation with its full orchestra of instruments. One of Evernote's most impressive features is its ability to search text found in images.

Finally, the free account comes with some limitations that make it less than ideal as a note taking app no syncing, limited export formatsso be prepared to pay for a Pro subscription.

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Best Apps for the Microsoft Surface Pen