Writing an art history masters thesis

writing an art history masters thesis

Once the prospectus has been approved, the student may then register for ARTH The Supervisory Committee must certify the results of the final examination. The thesis must be submitted electronically to the Graduate School office by the last day of final examinations of the quarter in which degree requirements are completed.

The thesis topic and a formal proposal of up to five pages must be submitted for approval by the full faculty of the department.

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The only exception made will be for extenuating circumstances, approved by both the thesis advisor and the Director of Graduate Studies. Also, make sure you have corrected all errors in grammar, punctuation and spelling. The topic should be discussed with the intended advisor. The purpose is for them to present their work to and receive feedback from peers and faculty; train in giving conference-type presentations; and keep momentum on the research and writing process, thus ensuring the timely completion of a quality thesis. The filing of the online application warrant is the responsibility solely of the student, who must be registered for the quarter in which the degree is expected. Students are now strongly encouraged to file this form online. DeCaroli rdecarol gmu. Check the department website for a list of issues to address in a travel proposal. Students should work with a faculty member in the Spring of the first year to begin developing potential topics of interest. The summer between the first and second years should be used to carry out preliminary research and reading, in consultation with the advisor. For further instructions, see the Graduate School website. Edit for sentence and word clarity. Even though it will be reviewed by experts in the field, your work should be written and structured so that a person outside the field could also enjoy.

The form is only an application and therefore any faculty member to whom it is submitted may either decline to be the advisor or require that students resubmit their proposal with suggested changes before agreeing to sign it. Master's degree applications are valid for one quarter only; if requirements for the degree are not completed during this quarter the student must file a new application.

DeCaroli rdecarol gmu.

art thesis pdf

How do you know? Close Visual Analysis in dialogue with scholarly essays combines formal analysis with close textual analysis.

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It is usually best if the thesis grows out of a seminar, independent study, or a lecture course, taken in the first year. Normally research begins at the beginning of the second term, and the thesis proposal is submitted for approval at the end of the term Students should then be able to complete the thesis in time to graduate a either the spring or fall convocation of the following year. Thoroughly edit and Proofread the entire section This piece of advice really does apply to every section and all types of written assignments. Thesis Guidelines The M. Thesis in Art History If you wish to write a thesis, it will count toward 3 of your 15 elective credits in the M. Funding decisions will be made by a committee of faculty members. The thesis topic and a formal proposal of up to five pages must be submitted for approval by the full faculty of the department. Include only the elements needed to explain and support your analysis.

The Graduate Coordinator or the Graduate Director can assist the student with this. One award will be granted each year. It should develop a topic in substantial depth, show a command of the existing literature, and be organized into chapters or sections that guide the reader through its argument.

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An email announcement is typically circulated at the beginning of the semester.

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Art History MA Thesis