Writing a web project proposal

Even better, show off your chops by making the proposal itself an example of your web development prowess. Related: How to manage client expectations and set clear boundaries 4.

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Company] warrants that the functionality contained in this project will meet [Client. With this knowledge early on, you have the opportunity to 1 address any unrealistic expectations, and 2 effectively work backwards from the proposed launch date when mapping out the project timeline in your proposal.

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Project Objectives - What does the client ultimately hope to achieve with a web development project? A proposal introduction should be formatted similarly to a business letter, and must include several standard elements: 1.

Website proposal presentation

It should also explain how the strategic issues like customer satisfaction, staff training, change control, risk management and deviations from company procedures will be reviewed. Typically, it is two or three paragraphs. A section could be removed if that part is not being done. Telephonic Conference Here you can explain how teleconferencing will be used to keep the project on track and in good health. A web application to help save company time? You may also like college project proposal templates. Provide the name, title, company, email address, and phone number for each reference listed. Sole Agreement The agreement contained in this Contract constitutes the sole agreement between [Sender. Based on your pricing strategy of choice, a simple table that outlines each phase of the project, along with the associated projected hours and costs, should do the trick. All payments will be made in [Sender. Rewrite website content, utilizing current SEO strategies and techniques — Develop a consistent SEO strategy and rewrite all website content to meet the goals of this new strategy.

Ongoing web site maintenance. For example, if you have someone who is looking to migrate an existing website from one platform to another, the client is going to be concerned with factors such as SEO, downtime, integrations setup, ongoing costs, and more.

Our familiarity with your code will give us a big advantage in making these changes as fast and painless for you as possible.

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This is vital in order to create a highly effective, personalized, and ultimately project-winning proposal. Meeting the client ensures a relationship since the pitching is done personally.

Writing a web project proposal

This will take weeks depending on the required amount of customization. Because we use WordPress for 95 percent of our projects, generating a calendar or building a form is considered common. Based on your pricing strategy of choice, a simple table that outlines each phase of the project, along with the associated projected hours and costs, should do the trick. What is your design aesthetic? Even worse, you could establish a poorly-defined working relationship that quickly turns into a nightmare for both you and the client. Focus on major results you think the client will value the most. Once the theme is selected, we will install the theme on your WordPress site and customize it to your specifications. Different clients will have different needs, so feel them out as much as you can prior to submitting your proposal. Then our developers will get to work coding a custom solution that gives you exactly what you need. Make a limited offer that expires on a certain date, which motivates the client to act. You may also like college project proposal templates.

If you are moving up in the food chain, this could hurt you later. A design proposal is an official company document, and it should look like one.

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Website Development Proposal Template