Writing a formal letter asking for permission to hunt

All of the basics should be used such as, address, phone numbers and other vital contact information.

written hunting permission letter

Make a phone call? If you found them through the county records office, you should have his or her name and address.

sample letter to obtain hunting permission

Max and his neighbor live on a rural mountain area in a small town in Montana. The keys here is don't lie, be honest about what type of hunter you are, if you're strictly hunting for mature don't use the word trophy bucks say that, if you're hunting strictly for meat do the same.

Writing a letter to a farmer to hunt

He did get hostile and said he was sick of hunters. Let's see Tommy, we've spent all spring and fall attempting to make better deer habitat, running camera's, hanging stands and it's six days until the bow opener and you're going to want to come stomp around where we are going to want to bow hunt? Be on time, wearing clean clothes. What's the first step? Yes, you want a buck, but sometimes you have to "earn a buck. If you want to bust that stereotype, embark on your quest to hunt private land knowing that you might have a long row to hoe. Be specific about what you intend to do and the activity's possible effects on the landowner or the land. Type your name. Locate The Owner Sometimes it is relatively simple to locate the owner of a piece of land because they live on it. I quickly slipped down the steps from my stand, hoping to keep its location a secret. Max and his neighbor live on a rural mountain area in a small town in Montana. What was he doing in my woods? This introduction of basic information about me would also allow them to make a decision somewhat on my character If the landowner doesn't enjoy deer meat, he would certainly enjoy a thank-you card with a gift certificate to a local restaurant or department store.

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Writing a formal letter asking for permission to hunt

I do encourage you to look twice at a well-written and timely letter ie. This is your off-season hunt challenge — find it. Consequently we would like to invite you and your family to enjoy this meal with us to thank you for allowing us to hunt on your property. If you're meeting at the farm, keep your eyes peeled for incomplete projects — and be quick to offer your help. Yes, I wanted to hunt the farm. Recognize that the effort to gain permission to hunt private land might mirror your toughest hunt, and as is common with many hunts, start at the beginning. Bad Approach No. Good luck out there everyone! The dairy farmer was home and took the dog from me, thanking me. Request access to the land and explain why you would like to use the land and for what time period. But, it pays off.

Martinez I am writing to seek permission to hunt on your property with my two teenage sons. This letter type is often written by individual hunters who would like to hunt in remote land areas that are not commonly hunted by the majority of hunters in the surrounding region. If this isn't an option, your next step is to search for the owner using a computer, or by making a trip to the county courthouse.

hunting permission letter sample

He walked directly to an old wooden tree stand I have since torn down all of the old wooden tree stands on the property, since I won't allow anyone to hunt from oneclimbed the steps and tested the strength of the platform.

In any case, once they know you and see that you respect them and their property, most landowners will be more inclined to give you permission to hunt other animals on their land later on.

How to get landowners permission to shoot

Another is to buy some computer or GPS software that shows property boundaries and the names of the landowners. That being said, there is usually nothing wrong with bringing along a child or spouse that you intend to hunt with. I tweak them some from place to place obviously, but the skeleton of the letter stays the same. Friday, June 1, Writing a "Can I hunt letter I can still remember the day at work when someone showed me our county GIS program and how to operate it. I delivered your propane," the man said. If you found them through the county records office, you should have his or her name and address. This is another reason why it is so important to start early in the year when trying to get permission to hunt on private property. This should include your name, address, phone numbers and email address; your place of employment and its address, and the length of time you've worked there; any professional associations and memberships, and also hobbies — anything that proves you to be a good person and supports your effort to gain access to the land. Be on time, wearing clean clothes. I intersected the trespasser's route and confronted him. Start looking. That's pretty much what my letters to landowners have looked like for a couple years now.

To accomplish this I almost approached it as a job application's cover letter.

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How to ask for permission to hunt private land