Where is the voice coming from eudora welty

So you leave Four Corners and head west on Nathan B.

eudora welty the winds

Back at the beginning, I stood on the corner and I watched them new babyface cops loading nothing but nigger children into the paddy wagon and they come marching out of a little parade and into the paddy wagon singing. Once, I run away from my home. That nigger wife of his, she wanted nice grass!

In his garage, if you please. May try to railroad me into the electric chair, and what that amounts to is something hotter than yesterday and today put together. And I ain't saying it might not be because that's pretty close to where I live.

But he don't have to if he don't want to. Either he was up early, or he hadn't never gone to bed, he was like me. It wasand while I was looking it moved to I was evermore the one.

Now, it wasn't no bargain I'd struck. I says to my wife, "You can reach and turn it off. You might could have got you somebody better.

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Where Is The Voice Coming From? by Eudora Welty