What poetic devices are used in the poem when you are old by yeats

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In the poem, the speaker Yeats urges an older woman Maud to read from a book and reminisce on her youthful appearance. Personification : Personification is to give human characteristics to inanimate objects.

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So clearly this was not a true love. He moved with his family to London at a young age and came back to Dublin again when he was fifteens. Yeats "When You Are Old," how is the poet's love different from that of others? Free Alliteration, Assonance, Michael Ondaatje. Support your points by reference to or quotation from, the poems that are on your course. We can be sure though, that this line is meant to cut even much deeper than that—Yeats believes that they truly share something on a deep spiritual level. Yeats regrets why the old woman did not accept him as a boyfriend but choose the other. At first glance, the structure appears to be regular with six stanzas, each stanza consisting of four lines.

What enchants the reader is the way he has drawn a metaphorical comparison to show his genuine love for his mistress. Yeats' early poetry focuses on ancient Irish epics as well as the contemporary nationalist movement that was gaining force in Ireland.

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Alliteration : Alliteration is a repetition of consonant sounds at the beginning of the letters in the same line. When You Are Old is largely written in words of one syllable, which you may think emphasises the simplicity and sadness of the message that the voice is sending to the intended recipient.

But the voice in the poem loves the soul which we might describe as a combination of personality and character of his beloved, a type of love likely to be more enduring. Both were nationalists, and it was this passion, coupled with her undeniable beauty, that made Yeats fall in love with her.

I must admit, I was the same before I began studying his work.

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However, he mentions that there was only one person who loved her sincerely despite knowing the transient qualities of her beauty.

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When You Are Old