What is liposuction

If you had a general anaesthetic, someone would need to drive you home and stay with you for the first 24 hours.

Liposuction recovery

It works best in people who are a normal weight and in areas where the skin is tight. Most people need to stay in hospital overnight. Skin burns: The cannula movement may cause friction burns to the skin or nerves. Risk is increased when treated areas cover a greater percentage of the body, incisions are numerous, a large amount of tissue is removed, and concurrent surgeries are done at the same time. Why the Procedure is Performed The following are some of the uses for liposuction: Cosmetic reasons, including "love handles," fat bulges, or an abnormal chin line. Lidocaine helps numb the area during and after surgery. The fluid mixture causes the affected area to swell and stiffen.

You may also need to get certain lab tests before your procedure. Kidney and heart problems.

is liposuction painful

After ultrasonic liposuction, suction-assisted liposuction is done to remove the liquefied fat. Possible complications specific to liposuction include: Contour irregularities.

As a treatment for cellulite the uneven, dimpled appearance of skin over hips, thighs, and buttocks or excess skin. Your surgeon will select the appropriate technique based on your treatment goals, the area of your body to be treated, and whether you have had other liposuction procedures in the past.

After liposuction

The procedure is sometimes called body contouring. It removes unwanted excess fat to improve body appearance and to smooth irregular body shapes. Photos also may be taken so that before and after images can be compared. Techniques[ edit ] Liposuction aspirate In general, fat is removed via a cannula a hollow tube and aspirator a suction device. Your skin may appear bumpy, wavy or withered due to uneven fat removal, poor skin elasticity and unusual healing. A fat embolism is a medical emergency. After the procedure Expect some pain, swelling and bruising after the procedure. It's natural for skin to lose some firmness with aging, but liposuction results are generally long lasting as long as you maintain your weight. Stitches: The surgeon will remove the stitches in a follow-up appointment. Sometimes, the solution may be up to three times the amount of fat to be removed. It's carried out on areas of the body where deposits of fat tend to collect, such as the buttocks, hips, thighs and tummy.

Most of the swelling settles after about 4 weeks, and the area where fat was removed should appear less bulky. Tumescent liposuction.

Liposuction risks

To improve sexual function by reducing abnormal fat deposits on the inner thighs, thus allowing easier access to the vagina. Those who gain weight after the procedure may find that their fat distribution alters. You should contact the clinic where the operation was carried out as soon as possible if you have severe pain or any unexpected symptoms. Common side effects associated with surgery include: irregularities in skin shape such as lumps or divots skin discoloration accumulation of fluid that may need to be drained temporary or permanent numbness internal puncture wounds Rare but serious side effects may include: fat embolism, a medical emergency that releases a clot of fat into your bloodstream, lungs, or brain kidney or heart problems caused by changes in body fluid levels during the procedure complications related to anesthesia, if administered. CoolSculpting cost CoolSculpting varies based on which and how many body parts you choose to have treated. A: The amount of fat that can safely be removed on an outpatient basis, or in and out surgery, is recommended to be less than 5 liters. He or she would then: inject this area with a solution containing anaesthetic and medication, to reduce blood loss, bruising and swelling break up the fat cells using high-frequency vibrations, a weak laser pulse or a high-pressure water jet make a small incision cut and insert a suction tube attached to a vacuum machine several cuts may need to be made if the area is large move the suction tube back and forth to loosen the fat and suck it out drain any excess fluid and blood stitch up and bandage the treated area It usually takes one to three hours.

The fat is suctioned, or sucked out, through small suction tubes. An epidural may be used for treatments on the lower body.

Liposuction alternatives

Clinical trials Explore Mayo Clinic studies testing new treatments, interventions and tests as a means to prevent, detect, treat or manage this disease. Liposuction techniques can be categorized by the amount of fluid injected, and by the mechanism by which the cannula works. The fluid is a mixture of local anesthetic lidocaine , a drug that contracts the blood vessels epinephrine , and an intravenous IV salt solution. This emulsifies, or liquified, the fat, making it easier to suction out. Power-assisted liposuction PAL. In some cases, these changes in sensation may be permanent. Lipomas: These are benign, fatty tumors.

Liposuction Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure used to remove unwanted body fat. If your skin is thin with poor elasticity, however, the skin in the treated areas may appear loose.

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Is Liposuction Safe?