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However, to make up the total number of credits required for the degree, the necessary number of elective courses may be substituted in place of the thesis option with SGS approval, and on the recommendation of the Faculty of Information.

To scope out potential committee members. To view a sample of a correctly formatted document, view the Dissertation Handbook.

Students not on the following two-year program schedule should consult with their supervisors and MI program director about adapting the following timeline to their schedule.

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The graduate coordinator will arrange for you to register for thesis credits. The following list of elements is typical for a thesis proposal in Information; however, the Faculty recognizes that this list may not fit all thesis proposals and thus should be considered as illustrative only: Statement of the problem—includes the background, context in the information field and in the broader scheme of academic pursuits, key questions, significance of the problem, and description of chosen methodology. The department owns a copy of the handbook, which can be perused in, but not removed from, Moore Hall. Three hours of thesis credit ENGL apply towards the master's degree. Registering for Your Thesis Credits Once your thesis director, second reader and program coordinator have signed your thesis proposal, you'll submit this document to the graduate coordinator. Exam Committee The Thesis Examination Committee is formed once the thesis is ready for defense, about seven weeks prior to the defense date. You should discuss this option with your thesis director. By the end of summer, the student should also have a second reader confirmed for their supervisory committee. The thesis option is typically carried out in the second year of the two-year program. A minimum of six months must separate the thesis proposal and defense presentation dates. Students who are unable to complete their work in time to hold a defense before September 15th will normally become ineligible for November convocation, be required to re-register and pay extra fees, and apply for an extension to course work to remain in the thesis option. References Bibliography or Reference section s is at the end of each chapter or the very end of the dissertation, in the format preferred by the discipline. Complete a minimum of 24 credit hours of or level courses in the Department of Philosophy. Your supervisor and the Associate Dean Research can advise you on the process and timelines. Four or five required half courses 2.

Determine which faculty members might serve as your thesis director and second reader. A maximum of six credit hours may be selected from classes offered outside of the JI.

university of michigan master thesis outline

The guide is maintained by ScholarSpace located on the second floor of the Hatcher Librarywhich offers walk-in hours and scheduled consultations, as well as email and phone assistance. Philosophy Master of Arts Thesis To complete the Master of Arts in Philosophy thesis option at Western Michigan University, the following requirements, forms, and deadlines apply in addition to the general requirements : Complete at least one course no less than three credit hours in each of the three concentration areas the "breadth requirement".

Usually, an entire manuscript can be submitted only after individual sections have been revised and approved. If the vote is for a Pass with Modifications, a member of the Thesis Examination Committee, normally the supervisor, is appointed to: 1 inform the student in writing of the modifications; 2 review the modifications and advise the student during the process if necessary; and 3 report the result to the program director by a deadline agreed upon by the Examining Committee.

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This can happen only after you have an approved contract. At the discretion of a student's instructor, the student's method of citing sources may be either citations in the text, as described in the handbook Chapters 5 and 6 on documentation or notes as described in the handbook's Appendix B.

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Required Courses for Thesis Planning The work for the thesis must be conducted under the ongoing supervision of a thesis director and second reader. The graduate coordinator will arrange for you to register for thesis credits. Font size for footnotes, endnotes, captions, tables, figures, and equations may be smaller than the font for the text body, generally 9 point. Usually, an entire manuscript can be submitted only after individual sections have been revised and approved. To get familiar with the dissertation structure and research processes, since you will be writing one. Please see the graduate advisor for details. Student is invited back into the room to present their work 10—20 minutes. When you deposit your dissertation, you can determine the access rights. The Research Ethics Board REB review process takes weeks from submission to approval depending on the complexity of the project, the vulnerability of the population to be studied, and the degree of risk involved in the project. The second reader should be given a minimum of two weeks to read the complete thesis and give feedback. Thesis Proposal The proposal should contain detail sufficient to describe the significance, background and rationale for the thesis and the work the student will perform for the thesis.
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