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All of the crew on our vessel is a Filipino except for the Electrician and Fitter.

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It describes which events and situations are common to the majority On board modern equipment, technological and informational systems are evolving with such rapidity that maritime occupations challenged by these developments require the preparation by educational institutions of learners who are capable of adapting to these changes.

Allocation of duties and responsibilities 3.

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Maritime education institutions need to be agile and nimble in an age of accelerating technological advance. Several variables of coaching like coach ability, team coordination, action learning and flexibility of the coach are the determining factors that were affecting job performance e. If my 3rd Officer is not busy on the bridge, he usually teaching me paper works on the bridge. On job training may not always provide sufficient knowledge of about all aspects of ship operation. But our company refuse to do the pilots order, they decided to proceed as on Italy without having a repair on Malta. Benigno S. In effect, the workplace becomes a development venue for a student trainee to learn more about his chosen field and practice what he has learn from academy. The Gothong Group restarted its own shipping company called Carlos A.

Part I inquired on the profile of cadets categorized into A — personal qualities, B — professional knowledge and skills and C — type of ship boarded. The technology is also brining new changes in Maritime Education and Training for better future of maritime industry.

I spent 12 months and 14 days on board that vessel.

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It focused on the basic task and safety procedures as well as shipboard safety familiarization. In the production of Filipino seafarers, maritime institutions play a vital role in facing the task of upgrading their training programs responsive to the rapid technological changes in this era of automation with complex sophisticated equipment on board ship in order to maintain the competitiveness of the Filipino seamen in the world market.

E-mail: cilver rocketmail. In this phase, acquisition of the rules are most likely the chief precedence. Maritime higher institutions and other maritime stakeholders should ensure that cadets are fully briefed and mentored about their jobs on board. Likewise, the safety of onboard practices of the engine cadets in terms of marine engineering and controlling the operation of the ship and care for persons on board was significantly related to the profile in terms of personal qualities and professional knowledge and skills so as their task performance. For engine cadets, the task performances are the following: marine engineering, electrical, electronic and control engineering, maintaining and repair and controlling the operation of the ship and care for persons on board. The task performances of deck cadets are in terms of navigation, cargo handling and stowage, cargo handling and stowagetankers and controlling the operation of the ship and care for persons on board ship. The deck cadets posted an overall weighted mean of 4. Harmonizing to www. Likewise, the researchers find it relevant to check whether the safety onboard practices affect the task performance of deck and engine cadets in their 1-year apprenticeship training on board merchant ships and their personal and professional qualities.

As a Cadet, I am the runner of our buson. Besides, readying for shipboard practical is being tackled here.

Aquino III on March 13, This phase is frequently sought not only by teachers and administrators but also by the parents and community to find out the responsiveness of the schools in accomplishing their goals and objectives, and in solving the pressing needs and problems of their respective communities. The survey questionnaire consisted of three parts. Thus, it is recommended that the apprenticeship program should be treated seriously and with sincerity, since this is the only form of a training program that the school can offer that will help them enhance their knowledge and skills thereby making them more effective and productive seafarers. There is wisdom in the front lines. The subjects were composed of 67 deck cadets and 64 engine cadets. Proper use and maintenance of relevant equipment and training material 2. Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to 1cl Witt Cecil M. The result of this study will then be used to highlight the good practices and strategies in managing apprenticeship program with the end in view of formulating a shipboard training model in order to improve the maritime education program of PIT and other maritime institutions. This makes seafarers more friendly towards the new technology.

Experiences of an individual worker are also of great importance in determining how to respond to any situation.

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