The illustration of evil inflicted upon the blacks in toni morrisons novel the bluest eyes

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November 18, This connection is also important, though, because it demonstrates the dismantling of the idea of a unitary subject. Second, the novel is divided into four major parts with each quarter given the name of a season.

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In other words, the primers begin to resemble the content and the form of the novel. Klotman, categorize the novel as a bildungsroman. Geraldine: A socially conscious upperclass black woman in the community who exaggerates the fact that she is above traditional black stereotypes and is more "civilized" than other black families in Lorain, Ohio.

The moment of connection between rape and reading in the text is somewhat meta, in that Morrison is injecting herself as author into the fiction in order to establish writing as a means of identity creation.

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The well-read, race-obsessed Soaphead Church in The Bluest Eye is the inevitable product of these theories. These ideas, circulated in newspapers and supported by the state, served to disregard the cyclical nature of intra-racial rape and sexual crimes shown by Morrison in the novel.

Cholly was, for example, abandoned by his father and left to live with an aunt.

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Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye