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The said BAL is also enough to disable most of the normal functions of the brain and body.

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Naturally, the body undergoes fluxuations in regular blood pressure, but this is regulated by the dilation and constriction of the blood vessels, primarily through the release of hormones. Since it is liquid in nature, alcohol is quickly dispersed in the body after consummation and its effects remain depends on the tolerance level of the person. The blood alcohol level is the measurement used to determine how much alcohol did a person consumed. I awoke early to spend quiet time, in the early morning light, in the hot tub, with God before I write and before meditation. Developed for use in a lower-level undergraduate course on human physiology, students work through the various parts of this interrupted case to discover the cause of death, and in the process learn about blood pressure regulation. This dilation of blood vessels decreases the amount of venous return to the heart. Underhill had been taking Lasix, a diuretic, possibly to treat a preexisting condition pertaining to the heart, liver, kidney, or blood pressure. Since the maid was the only person who is discovered in the crime scene, it is only appropriate to ask about what she knew regarding the situation.

What observations did the paramedics make? Alcohol is a vasodilator, which can cause the capillaries beneath the skin to expand, further accelerating effects of the water temperature on the internal temperatures of the couple.

Also, this increased diameter of blood vessels and increased volume allows for less of the blood to come in contact with the walls of the vessels. The couple inhibited this process by consuming more of a vasodilator.

The water was very hot, specifically much hotter than normal internal body temperature.

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List …show more content… 2. Possible physiological effects that possibly led to their death include: The couple may be experiencing occupational stress, which often results in conditions which include chronic high blood pressure. Since Alcohol is typically a vasodilator, it would cause blood vessels to dilate and a further decrease in blood pressure and increased blood flow. In alone the fracking industry supported 2. Hot tubs would increase external body temperature, leading to a high internal body temperature of vital organs. Given the state of their kidneys when drinking, Underhills would become more quickly inebriated since they would metabolize the excess alcohol in the blood supply at an impaired rate. Alcohol is known to delimit or impair certain cognitive abilities of a person in the brain such as maintaining balance, logical reasoning and spatial determination. Several first aid treatment could have been done to the couples to reverse their decreasing blood pressure condition if they were found above the water such as injecting them with adrenaline to hasten their heart movement or give them CPR to revive their consciousness. The couple inhibited this process by consuming more of a vasodilator. Underhill might have caused by dehydration, given the effects of Lasix and high heat of the water.

Uphill died as a result of dehydration alone. Just as before, this process of vasodilation decreases blood pressure, increases heart rate, and decreases peripheral resistance, but continues with prolonged exposure to such hot water.

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This increased blood flow is explained by an immediate increase in heart rate, which is what allows for more blood to pass through the vessels.

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