The future generation will pay the

Theoretically, all of us have access to the future, without exclusion.

The future generation will pay the

The future generations of all, must be taken into account and adequately considered before any actions in this generation are carried out. If everyone would reduce the use of energy.

future generation meaning

In that case, at least, we would share both the costs and the benefits with future generations. Bob Hunt, Northampton I think its insane people don't act already to the changes that is happening now with that said i don't believe that anything will come out of the Copenhagen climate summit Daniel Tronborg, Copenhagen Denmark I'm happy that some people start recognising the gigantic task ahead if we are to save the world.

There is no problem with CO2. If you share our thoughts, our beliefs and our dreams, please feel invited to join our project as an investor. However, if it is important to you to do good and feel good do what the religion and not what the government tells you to do!

Mike Hatrock, Edmonton, Canada This has to be the biggest scam ever pulled on mankind. The answer is yes, you will. Climate change or whatever it is called next year is something we all better get used to adapting to; it is natural variation, always has been and always will be.

Lord David Puttnam has presented a nice article in right time. The initial condition in which a generation finds its future is unquestionably determined by the decisions of previous generations.

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Future Generations Will Blame Both Parties for our Debt Mess