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Our roundtable discusses "Ozymandias," the sixth episode in the AMC show's final half-season. We don't really know whether any of this will mean redemption. The comedic short series followed Cranston as the character Jack Power and his race to win a seat on the state senate.

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She continues to launder his money, but insists the kids live with Hank and Marie. Walt plots to kill Gale to avoid becoming disposable, but Gus' henchman Victor lures Walt to the laundry facility, where Mike is waiting to kill him.

But Walt has protected nothing.

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It wasn't until he finished college that acting became a serious consideration. Walt buries his money in seven barrels on the Tohajiilee Indian Reservationand convinces Jesse to go into a relocation program.

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The 'Breaking Bad' stars: Where are they now?