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The candidates are already familiar with the organisation and the job scope. Making the decision Using all the data from the application forms, resume and the information acquired from the direct interview, the management must the make the decision.

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Promotion from within This method highly encouraged and recommended. Public Bank have many clients working and living in Singapore, thus the bank management sees the need to set up operations in the Republic.

They must now go in to the process for selection strategy.

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It is important that the selection process is well planned to ensure that the right candidate is hired. Setting up a branch in Singapore is a challenging move and will benefit the organisation for a long time to come. They are: - I. Internet Posting or Online Advertising This method is also just as effective as newspaper advertisements. The interviewer also needs to be well prepared. For the 2 available positions, it is highly recommended to use the method from i to iv. The selection strategy process involves:- I. The agency would have done the initial screening and selection of candidates.

It will benefit the organisation in the long run. HLFG gained Its revenue for the period in review rose 8. The selection strategies have to be fair.

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This strategy can be very effective if the questionnaires or the application form are very well design. Another source, however, dismissed such speculation. Through the year, the counter gained For the position of branch manager, a 7 years experience the minimum pre-requisite. The decline of the counter in the last two days, they therefore say, was only to be expected as investors take profit. Newspaper Advertisement This method is usually the most effective method. However, setting up Financial Services Business like Public Bank of Berhad must be knowledgeable to the Industrial-Specific Business Licenses in Singapore requirements, Rules and prohibited regulations in the country and awareness of Singapore Labour Law, and Singapore Government in building up a new branch. At all stages of the recruitment process, the individuals involves must give an all out effort and ensure that the steps and process taken are efficient and effective. There must be no discrimination in terms of race, sex, age or other factor that may prevent the candidate to perform his or her job to her abilities. A dealer notes that it seems investors from China are the most likely ones who could afford, and would be willing, to pay the expensive price for Public Bank.

Before going through the selection process, the interviewer must be well prepared. The organisation will incur less cost in hiring. Candidates need to be asked the right questions.

Testing and review work samples Testing of personality, skills, and sample work performance.

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