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Get Help Search Strategies Boil your topic down to the most important words. Subject headings are not available for every topic, and it is best to only select them if they relate closely to your area of interest.

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Increase your results by removing the least important "piece" of your search while still retaining the "essence" of your search in the case above, it might be Van Gogh. In other databases, word order may be maintained without the need for quote marks. Begin with a keyword search. Formulating a well-focused question is a critical step for facilitating good clinical research. The asterisk applied to the root of a word captures other endings to that root word making it useful for retrieving singular, plural and other variations of a keyword. The symbols may vary in different databases - See the Database operators guide on the left for details or check the Help link in any database. Tips: Keep track of your searches search history and save your search results. Most databases allow you to search for phrases, but check the database guide if you are unsure. Good research questions address the lacunae in available literature with an aim to impact the clinical practice in a constructive manner.

Also the entire research process should conform to the ethical principles of research. When reviewing your results, look for relevant "subject" or "descriptor" words.

Can't find specific criticism on the Starry Night?

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You may find additional terms to add to your list of keywords. It can be time-consuming, tiring and can lead to disinterest or even abandonment of search in between if not carried out in a step-wise manner.

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Check the database help section if you are not sure which symbol to use.

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