Queuing simulation with arena

Balking would be done using the same techniques demonstrated previously. An attribute can store indicators for characteristics such as number in party, type of traveler, scheduled flight time, and boarding zones.

To view the answer this time when the simulation has run to completion but before selecting end click on the command button.

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One more note about any model, especially one dealing with human behavior: it is critical to have accurate data inputs. When choosing a wait time goal for your model, you need to keep in mind not only how long customers are truly waiting, but how long they think they are waiting.

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The original can either be disposed, or proceed to a different or later section of logic. Another common queue behavior is balking. DOE on the solutions disk.

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When clearing security, these attributes can be used to index into an arrayed expression to assign a faster time for the seasoned business traveler to get through the x-ray process as well as differentiating between the passengers with and without TSA Precheck. In Arena, attributes can be used to assist with modeling these variations.

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Arena Simulation