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I had only briefly spoken with second-year graduate students about their experiences. It declares our intent as a company and serves as the criterion against which we weigh our actions and determinations. General information Following a constitutional reform in , Kosovo was granted increased autonomy, allowing it to have its own administration, assembly, and judiciary. EULEX assists the Kosovo Police in working towards a multi-ethnic police that is free from political interference and serves the people of Kosovo The Hotel has 18 superior rooms, 10 deluxe rooms, 15 studios, 1 suite and 17 Economy rooms and several function rooms, including the El Caviteno ballrooms. I want to express my deepest gratitude to Ambassador Mr. Second, I need to develop my awareness of the economic and political influencers and consequences of a particular policy, especially in the context of making policy recommendations. The building houses, the political section embassy offices and the Consulate sector. Evaluation and reflection How to cite this essay Choose cite format:. Albanian Embassy in Brussels is one of the embassies that I have been in contact with during my internship period. Pirozzi and S. Offices in Annapolis and Baltimore are greater in numbers and advisors. The second section provides an overview of the internship in practice and the duties and tasks that I was assigned to do, and the third section is devoted to an evaluation and reflection of the knowledge and experiences that I gained during the course of the internship highlighting the linkages with the EPA programme and finally the fourth section giving recommendations to future interns.

At the beginning of the internship I formulated several learning goals, which I wanted to achieve: to understand the functioning and working conditions in an embassy to gain experience in working abroad and enhance my communication skills to apply my skills and knowledge gained from EPA study programme to see what skills and knowledge I still need to improve in future professional environment.

Arlyn Jierah Valencia Asst. In my opinion, the practical work experience reinforced my knowledge gained from EPA module Integrated research skills especially academic writing, speechwriting, speed- reading, how to conduct in the meeting etc.

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The building houses, the political section embassy offices and the Consulate sector. Consular Section handles consular matters. And when there is no available computing machine.

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The internship overall was a very positive learning experience for me and helped me to reinforced my career choice, I had an ample opportunities to develop my skills and learn new ones, making it a valuable experience for further work in international affairs and diplomatic missions abroad.

On a personal level, I was able to practice effectively integrating in diverse professional groups.

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During my internship at the embassy my supervisor was the First Secretary of the embassy Mr. This is a research skill that I should develop further. Also, a spa supervisor must possess the ability to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of different situations at one time. As a planetary drink company. Another assignment I was entrusted with was also to write a document on the EU member states foreign and interior minister autobiography for internal use. An Atlantan with great concern acumen. Grant, , European defense post-Kosovo? If you still have no thought on what is meant to be a worker.

Leaders, Cognitions, and Institutional Viability. How to cite this essay Choose cite format:. Over three months, I came to know the area quite well, and the people there.

I was really frightened to go forth our house and travel for because of some grounds.

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How to Write a Report After an Internship (with Pictures)