Poor planning its effects

Risk management becomes more important as the organization expands. The completion of the project will record tremendous losses and the project will have failed.

What happens if you don t have a project plan

By Dr. Ensure that the team members communicate to avoid the communication gap. This will be a huge loss of business for the company or organization. This limits the members from fully exploiting their full potential hence the project fails. Human Resources -- Productivity Without planning, there will be no mission statement and no vision. Cash flow problems can go so far as to result in the inability to pay employees on time. Failure to provide sufficient user training with the changing demands of the project. In addition, larger projects will take longer than necessary, or may never reach completion, because no one did the planning necessary to break them down into more manageable segments. Impact on Bottom line An ineffective or dysfunctional human resource management strategy will have a negative consequence in the organization. Human Resources -- Morale Employees in organizations suffering from lack of planning are likely to experience low morale. Planning is one of the most important activities in time management—it has been estimated that every minute spent planning can save three in execution—and yet it is one of the least practiced. Product Development Part of your growth depends on introducing new products or services to the market. The location and duration of the trip makes a big difference in the type and level of preparation that is required. Finances Cash flow issues are bound to occur if the organization does not plan properly for where and when the finances are needed.

The users should also participate in design and implementation of your project to get appropriate feedback. Workers will spend a great deal of time "putting out fires" caused by the fact that no one is able to anticipate the problems that will regularly occur.

Late payments are likely to result in suppliers becoming unreliable or cutting off the supply of their goods or services. The plan should also include a specific "to-do" list that keeps everyone informed of the necessary actions and resources, as well as listing who is responsible for the all the tasks.

Requirements should be prioritized as the team focus is not wasted on lower priority items.

consequences of not having a strategic plan

If the planning is poor, the stakeholders will not support the project as they will have different expectations, which will be negative.

These include how we manage scope, issues, risks, work plan, etc Failure to plan - diving into the performance and execution of work without planning.

Unclear roles and responsibilities may lead to confusion and gaps.

Poor planning its effects

Ensure that the team members communicate to avoid the communication gap. Adversely, there would be gross underutilization of their skills. Poor hiring of talent will be expensive for the organization, because you will have to spend more money in training, re-hiring and so on. Late payments can also result in additional interest payments or other financial penalties that cut into profits. Therefore, if the planning is not at done right, the team members will not know what exactly they are working on and this will make them not to work efficiently for the project. When the business is not moving forward, the company will find it difficult to pay salaries, and eventually the competitors may overtake you and take over your clients within the shortest possible time. Without actively monitoring and avoiding these risks, they can easily sidetrack or even cause your project to fail. Some employees might be laid off because of lowered profits and this will further diminish morale. This is bound to have a negative impact on employee loyalty and retention. An HR professionalwith poor communication skills and lackadaisical attitude will be unable to address organizational and workforce requirements. Failure to break a large project plan into small deliverable tasks.

Unmotivated employees Having a poor HR system has so many drawbacks. All these reasons are merely excuses and rationalizations. You need to get rid of these obstacles before you will see all the benefits of your planning. Cash flow problems can go so far as to result in the inability to pay employees on time.

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The Effects of Lack of Planning in an Organization