Pest analysis of mcdonalds pakistan

The companys international supply as well as the existing exchange rates is merely a part of the overall components needed to guarantee success for the foreign operations of McDonalds.

The economy of each country they operate in ultimately affects their results. McDonalds should minimize the use of Styrofoam materials and plastic cups. The improvement of the inventory system as well as its supply chain allows the company to operate in an international context.

Technological Factors McDonalds mainly markets its products through television advertisements and billboards. This shall ensure the company that the lawyers that will handle their legal affairs are more versed with the legal regime that would ease out certain problems on their operations.

Alterations could take place and require intense modifications to the operations such that it could have an adverse effect on the entire structure of the company.

mcdonalds external environment analysis

Analysis: Ideally before penetrating the market, the company must carry out a well conducted market research, especially in the movements in the economic environment which McDonalds had done before entering the Indian market due to which the company has been able to bear the frequency of the shifts in the inflation rate as well as the fluctuations in the exchange rates which affects the operations of any company.

The company should hire local counsels to deal with the legal conflicts in individual markets on which the company may encounter. Specific markets focus on different areas of concern such as that of health, worker protection, and environment.

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McDonald’s PESTEL/PESTLE Analysis & Recommendations