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She knows the benefits of exercise and has begun to make the necessary arrangements to get active again. The strength exercises were then done sitting in a chair in the SPT's office. Interval training with functional training and core conditioning. Doing so will provide you with some clarity on how to use these case studies, which will also help you prepare for the exam. The aim is not think of it as a very steep mountain you have to climb but a consistent path you need to walk on to achieve your goals. Cost is an important factor, and the equipment should not be kept out of sight because this might hinder the client being motivated to work out. But what she brings to the table is determination and attitude. I suggested she use other means to achieve her goals and wished her luck with her future training. After an assessment I found out that she suffers with fibromyalgia over last 10 years.

What are some SPECIFIC guidelines and recommendations you could give her regarding which equipment to purchase and the logistics of setting up an exercise area?

She bought a treadmill and watches boxsets while she uses it.

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Also, she under ate! Anyone can be a Michelle if they really want it. The change in weight also caused great confusion for the resident, so the decision was made to continue using a four pound weight. Topics to include are: Since Jane is a beginner in resistance training I will have her meet with me for an over an hour on Mondays and Thursdays. It was decided to call the resident's son and have him attend an exercise session to encourage and support his father. The resident was able to gradually increase his repetitions for each exercise he was able to perform. Age: the age of the client is 23 years old. At the end of each session we did 15 min assisted stretching. Her initial goal was to train with me for 4 weeks and have me set her a home training routine. Jane would like to set up an exercise area at her home. After an assessment I found out that she suffers with fibromyalgia over last 10 years. Five strength exercises also were attempted Appendix B. Usually I tend to increase the weight on the bar each week by a small percentage to determine if the trainee can continue to make progress on a consistent basis. Some easy goals I would first start out with are that Jane commits to show up to train with me two days a week for at least one month, three on her own, and that she aim to work out 5 days a week total. Many exams will make you watch video clips or read a case study and then answer several questions.

Some exercises I will have her do include lunge walk, butterfly, arm circles, side lunges, behind neck and back stretch, semi straddle, wall stretch, and walking knee tuck.

You will generally perform posture and movement assessments with most clients, but you will want to pick and choose which ones you do based on individual needs.

How would your overall approach to the program change if Jane was 30 years old and 3 months pregnant?

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Goals are important to set because they keep the client motivated to not only work out with the trainer but also make sure they are making the program effective by working out on their own too. It also helped with compliance as the resident became comfortable with the routine.

Also, many different variations on the road to success were presented by the resident, which made each session interesting. She was able to do lower abdominal exercises that she was not able to do before.

Personal training case scenario

It is also good to think about allowing enough space for a TV, DVD player, or music system for exercise tapes or listening to music. I will show Jane how to do each stretch and then I will give her a sheet that explains and gives pictures and a specific order on how to do them so she can perform them on her own. He has a set appointment on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a thirty minute exercise session, and is met at his room by the senior personal trainer SPT. He was able to function better in activities of balance, strength, coordination, and walking. That is MY goal and this is where my years of training will help. While we don't have any video case studies on this practice test, our Certification Exam Review Course contains over questions including case studies and video based questions. I start by quantifying what is possible for a perfect client and then adjust it to the person standing in front of me. Therefore, each session was approached as if it was the first time the resident had done the exercises.

The assistance exercises are leg curl, biceps curl, calf raises, triceps pushdown and abdominal crunches which work small muscle groups. It is important for Jane to get her blood flowing before performing any stretches and for every workout it is also important that Jane have a five minute warm-up and cool down.

This chapter is often overlooked and underused because there is no new information presented in this chapter. Establishing a routine in an environment without distractions contributed to the resident's success.

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