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These 3 questions get them thinking and allow them to explore ideas. Other subjects also still use PEE. Firstly, in this case, we tackled the question itself using What, How, Why — I wrote down exactly what they said: Then we came up with the first set of quotes together and analysed them using What, How, Why, being careful not to put them in any sort of hierarchy.

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Conversation in an F. So what does it mean for their writing?

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Chapman, A. College: Teacher: We now have a seven-letter acronym to remind students what to put into a critical paragraph. History and Literacy in Year 7: Building the lesson around the text. A formal essay is also a strange beast, full of unfamiliar conventions, which presents many challenges to the average Year 7.

Pqe paragraph example

As students get more experience you can add irrelevancies for them to weed out, or the same point expressed in better or worse ways for them to consider. As they manipulate the statements, students are having to think aloud, explaining and justifying their choices to their partner as well as hearing how someone else would go about the same task. She realised that pupils thought that history was merely an activity of stating facts rather than using facts to construct an argument. Why might they want us to interpret it in different ways? So hopefully, here is an example that might change your mind. However, others noticed that pupils were already well versed in PEE and so the change in approach may have had less of an effect. Print Share PEE? Foster, R. I am completely convinced now that it is not the best way for students to write. Whenever I have discussed this on Twitter, there has always been those that suggest that there are those students that still need structure. But it has not always been an easy task for history practitioners to get pupils to achieve this, even over a whole key stage. Personally, I would argue that in many cases it is exactly those students that struggle the most with a PEE structure. I have sheets that I have laminated for students whenever they are writing, if they feel they need support. In addition, a few of the participating teachers noticed that their questioning became more tailored to developing the ideas and thinking of the pupils they taught rather than getting them to write something particular.

Show your workings.

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