Mergers and acquisitions research proposal

project on mergers and acquisitions

Gorton, Kahl and Rosen also observe that managerial self-interest could lead to inefficient mergers and acquisitions decisions.

On the. Globalization has been characterized as a by-product of technology and deregulation.

Mergers and acquisitions research proposal

The analysis provided the researcher with the information consolidations required in order to make the recommendations and conclusion in the final chapter, Neuman describes data coding as a systematic reorganizing of raw data into a format that is machine readable.

Synergy is accomplished when the value of the combination of the two firms is superior to sum of the two stand-alone values Jensen and Ru backBradley However, when the interest of the managers is prioritized the acquisition might fail and even cause wealth losses for the shareholders.

In an acquisition company A buys company B. Personal questionnaires will be used.

questions on mergers and acquisitions

It is more relevant for retail and SME banking.

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Research Proposal