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Running head: Marlboro Marketing Strategies Page 6 Celebrity Spokesperson A celebrity spokesperson is someone who is a well-known, a person that advertises a product so people can go ahead and buy it. People only buy cigarettes most of the time because they either became addicted in the first place, or think they look cool doing it, which is much the same as becoming addicted.

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Running head: Marlboro Marketing Strategies Page 7 Target Audience is who the audience is targeted to for the product. These models are also chosen to show the guys that smoking Marlboro cigarettes can get you that hot body to attract females.

This soon proved to be incorrect as the rest of the decade was dominated by big brands and heavy marketing campaigns. Companies pay a lot of money to the movie makers to put their product in the movie because that will increase the buying of the product and people can see that product.

In mid-Augusta federal district court ruled that they could not use the names Light, Ultralight, Natural, or Mild. The images on the ads were evolving more and more. For example my favorite car is Range Rover because I saw it in a movie and my favorite character was riding it so I got interested in that car and it became my favorite.

In the end, Marlboro cigarettes took a awhile to get to where it is today. Marlboro has been the industry innovator in many ways ,they came up with the Flip Top Box ,Cork looking filters and slow burning papers.

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The effort of the marketing continued into World War 2 when the brand was eventually taken off the market. Marlboro cigarettes are horrible for your health, people buy the cigarettes because of their popularity, and their great marketing. Definition and Meaning. How it began, who started it, when it started, and etc. Running head: Marlboro Marketing Strategies Page 5 Loaded Language Loaded language is the language that is used in their products or ads. His ads became one of the most powerful and creative ads in the century. Special Parties are hosted to attract youths. Who is the company targeting the product to and why. Prior to this the Marlboro Man was considered invincible and demanded a premium price for his brand. In the ads they started using images of healthy looking, outdoor type. We are not in this for the short term. Seeing your favorite character holding a Marlboro cigarette and smoking it makes you want to smoke it too because you think whatever that person does is cool.

Running head: Marlboro Marketing Strategies Page 5 Loaded Language Loaded language is the language that is used in their products or ads. Product placement is when you encourage somebody to buy it by making the famous people use your product, for example the Marlboro man was a famous cowboy Character they made him advertises Marlboro by making him smoke their product and then the people will see him and then they would want to smoke the product.

Marlboro was once again introduced to marketing in the s, but this time there stories about the negative health aspects of smoking. Running head: Marlboro Marketing Strategies Page 3 Product Placement Product placement is when the company places the products and when the people see it like in movies, Ads, and commercials.

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How Marlboro Man Became the First Brand Repositioning Success Story