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Now it is possible for individuals of all ages to participate in mass online courses run by professors from the likes of Stanford, MIT, and Harvard universities in subjects ranging from a Yale elective in Roman architecture to a Harvard course in the fundamentals of neuroscience.

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Bush and Dawson Beyond such hyperbole, the implications of the Internet for education and learning can be understood in at least four distinct ways. Similar commitments can be found in institutions ranging from world-class universities such as Yale and Oxford to local community colleges.

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London: Allen Lane, Many educators would consider learners to benefit from the socially rich environments that the Internet can support see Luckin Is there something to be said for being able to disconnect from the pressures of education?

In all these cases, course materials such as seminar notes, podcasts, and videos of lectures are shared online with a worldwide population of learners, most of whom could otherwise not attend.

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I was unsure at first, but I quickly became used to using different types of social media for my academic research.

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