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Its advocates hold that certain traits or qualities are required to become a leader. Supportive leadership: Supportive leadership consists of being friendly and approachable, treating subordinates as equals, giving them due respect and caring for their personal problems and needs.

In the midst of the great US depression, Franklin D Roosevelt's reluctance to join the anti-German war effort was finally decided by the bombing of Pearl Harbour.

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As a result, they pursue an approach which makes incremental changes to existing policies. He must know what he wants and what he does not want. Under British colonial rule, there were some initial challenges in how the different races interact and integrate with one another. The questions surrounding the laws are of moral, social, and medical dilemmas that rely upon the most fundamental principles of ethics and philosophy. This is ostensibly because the current legal system does not sufficiently provide for the required protection, when it comes to domestic violence, and the situation at the moment is critical Shipway, There is only published opinion". At one end of the spectrum the elder "collectivist" post-war generation who, unsurprisingly, places value in a society and state that cares for the most needy, and at the other, a younger generation of teenagers and those in their 20's who broadly take a more "individualist" view of the world where each needs to take greater responsibility for themselves. Such qualities add to their personality when they grow up, single them out from the common man of people and provide them the opportunity to become a leader. The main criticism against this theory is that there is not universally acceptable list of traits considered essential for leadership role.

This paper will describe the steps, processes and reasoning on why Colorado and Washington legalized the use of marijuana This event changed everything in the hearts and mind of the American public, giving the president the public support he needed. The main theme of this article is that public policy is intricate and no scholar can analyze any policies with one particular theory or model.

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Policies are rules and actions that are put in place to protect the citizens that line in America. If there were no Constitution and no Congress, their power to cross the line would depend upon their neighbors Under British colonial rule, there were some initial challenges in how the different races interact and integrate with one another.

We consider ourselves a small global company, with twenty-six facilities. Opposite is the case with democratic leadership.

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