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There are some people who are marvelous as choir singers but terrible as choir directors.

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A leader and followers needs training. Leaders love what they do and see their work as an important part of—not a weak substitute for—real life. Failing can be good as long as they learn from their failures. The main focus would be to address the strengths and weaknesses of each aspect of the leader-follower role to identify what makes an effective leader. Every successful group has to have a mixture of leaders and followers. Are you optimistic? Many of us are excellent followers but not all of us are good leaders. Related Documents Essay on Leadership and Followers Followers plan an active role in the process of leadership. Are you focused on people? Here are five skills you learn as a good follower that make you a better leader. Is it possible for a follower make or break an organization?

It has room for racists, homophobes and misogynists as well as the people they hate. When mistakes are made, followers are quick to blame circumstances and other people.

Co-author of Emotional Intelligence 2. The topic of leader is interesting because even though more information is needed in this area of study, the topic has been studied for thousands of years. No matter how good they may be at those jobs, it rarely occurs to them to go beyond their basic functions.

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No one is born a leader, but develop into a leader. Leaders love what they do and see their work as an important part of—not a weak substitute for—real life. They may go along passively when it is in their self-interest to do so, but they are not internally motivated to engage in an active way. Meena Leadership is an elusive quality and like so many characteristics of the outstanding human being, very difficult to describe. Moreover, they do not care about their leaders, know anything about them, or respond to them in any obvious way. To find out, you need to ask yourself some very important questions. However, the effectiveness of leaders to a large measure depends on the qualities of their followers.

If a leader knows where he is going he knows his followers have confidence in his ability to lead them. Leaders are team players, because they know that greatness is a collective feat. I also showed this through my personal experiences that I have dealt with. Followers often let obstacles and mishaps throw them off course.

A follower must also develop the traits that needed to be a leader.

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Leaders are humble. We loved to do everything together and we were both young and impressionable.

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Riggio says the best followers support and aid the leader when he or she is doing the right thing, and stand up to the leader when he or she is headed in the wrong direction. Physiologically, sheep respond to stress with increased heart rates. I believe that as a human being, I deserve respect, and no one has the right to make me feel inadequate, disrespected, or humiliated Followership is the ability to take direction well and be part of a team and deliver what is expected. Leaders are humble. By being a follower, it does not mean that one is inferior to a leader, but that they simply play a different role. They also need positive learning experiences to develop leadership skills.
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