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The largest is mile-long 72 km Olkhon, on which there are villages. There are several theories about what could have caused the unification, including sinking earth, falling rocks, erosion and earthquakes.

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He crossed the lake and explored the lower Selenge River. Average depth: 2, feet maccording to Smithsonian magazine.

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The local authorities have dragged into court the owners of at least 10 hotels constructed with Chinese financing, accusing them of building illegally on plots designated for single-family homes or other infractions. It is the oldest existing freshwater lake on Earth 20 million—25 million years oldas well as the deepest continental body of water, having a maximum depth of 5, feet 1, metres.

Red-orange is its natural, living coloration More than species and subspecies of amphipods are endemic to the lake. His Baikal Seal Guest House was originally meant to be a private home, he said.

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Average depth: 2, feet m , according to Smithsonian magazine. For a more luxurious journey, consider the Golden Eagle train. For years, the only Chinese in the area were poor vendors selling cheap goods in the Shanghai Market in Irkutsk. This volume is approximately equivalent to all five of the North American Great Lakes combined, according to Geology. To the west, Krasnoyarsk on the upper Yenisei was founded in The biggest threat is probably the "huge problem with algae on the lake and government failure to develop an adequate response to it," she said. Kolotov said there are two fundamentally different approaches to solving the problem: either to improve the purification technology that would increase the cost of wastewater treatment plants, or lower the standards.

The village of Listvenichnoye now Listvyanka is the closest settlement to the lake.

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Lake Baikal: World's Largest, Deepest Lake