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Ask yourself the important question: If I were the student, could I complete the assignment in a reasonable amount of time, with success, and what will I have learned or have reinforced from having competed the homework assignment?

I liked school so I mostly wanted to. Some students may need weekly, rather than nightly homework.

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You see, our original science teacher left in the middle of the school year for a better private school district where he gets better pay, better students, better support, and fewer dum-dums like Dash interrupting class every 3. He said that their homework turn in rate increased from 45 percent to 85 percent!! In her class, she uses them to withhold reward activities. Just as you like to know the length of a song on a CD or the length of a movie on a DVD or at a theater, you can improve homework completion rate if the students know the time it will take to do an assignment. Our ears, eyes, and mind must always be alert for what others are doing and how it is working for them. Before you use the pink slip as a threatening devise, do as Barbara De Santis plans to do this year. January 31, How We Got Rid of Missing Homework Excuses With Google Forms One of the things my middle school team and I struggled a lot with before holiday break was the high rate of students who did not turn in homework and assignments on time. Effective teachers sharing what works with others. This was to be completed immediately.

Information from the pink slips can be sent home every week for parental review and signature, if needed. One of the problems of my first year in teaching was getting students to do homework.

This can probably be the same place where the daily schedule is posted. These students obviously have an advantage over the students who do not have these, which is not their fault. It may well be how the homework assignments are being assigned. Daily contact right at the beginning is an easy, but meaningful way to build a relationship.

For the first few weeks you need to reinforce all its parts the coloured paper, the notes, the handing in.

He had ZERO moral qualms about homework trust me.

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So, instead of wasting it, they opted to reprint the information from the "Personal Responsibility Card" and put it on the "Pink Slip. And no one answer fits every question. The most effective time to assign homework is during the lesson; otherwise it has no relevance to the student.

Why bother?

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