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Increasingly high levels of primary school enrollment and attendance throughout LMICs have created an opportunity to identify and efficiently reach a large proportion of the population eligible for school-based vaccination Grabowsky and others ; UNESCO Accordingly, the incremental costs associated with implementation and delivery of TT and HPV vaccinations, both targeted to adolescents, are expected to be high relative to new childhood interventions.

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As the disease progresses, mild stimuli may trigger generalized tetanic seizure-like activity, which contributes to serious complications and eventually to death unless supportive treatment is given Black, Huber, and Curlin Parents and community leaders need to know why the children are being vaccinated; have resources for further information, as well as know when the vaccination activities will take place; and understand what to do if their children miss the vaccine.

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HPV vaccination as a primary prevention method is supplemented by screening later in life. Accordingly, HPV vaccination is recommended for girls ages 9—13 years WHO band screening is recommended for adult women generally beginning at age 25 or 30 years to age 49 years Denny and others There is often lack of awareness of cervical cancer and of HPV infection as a causal agent Rama and others The burden of cervical cancer remains a big problem in developing world and the GAP initiative through the vaccine delivery will continue to play a valuable role as countries consider large-scale implementation.

HPV vaccination does not protect against other infections spread during sex, such as chlamydia, and it will not stop girls getting pregnant, so it's still very important to practise safe sex.

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Practice of HPV vaccine and associated factors among school girls in Melaka, Malaysia.