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Why a Media Pitch? For all its mysteries, PR is a relatively straightforward business — you invest in relationships, find the right angles, and send a stellar pitch. The second paragraph, on the other hand, only needs to be a little personalized.

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Keep it short. Your pitch angle is crucial, but what bothers most people is actually writing the email. With that in mind, you might pitch one of their journalists on a social media post.

Point out something related to their recent article.

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Obscure enough that they might not have read it themselves. This is why you need to spend time crafting the perfect subject line. You should aim to explain why the pitch is relevant to the reporter in fewer than ten words. Of course, your content should have its own distinct twist. Email body: Remember, the highlighted bits are personalized for each recipient. It might feel pedantic, but correcting typos can actually get influencers to respond. Which article are you working on next? Due to their large readership, your story will get more shares than if you were to target any random writer. If you are announcing something like a change in the business, a new philanthropic endeavor, or an upcoming event, then you would use an announcement pitch.

That means this software does at least half of the work for you. Put that site into the Audience Interest tool. But getting rejected, ignored and overlooked hurts.

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Re: New data about online shopping habits — interested? If you have developed garden care products for drought conditions, for example, check the weather conditions for the media you are targeting. You want them to know that you really think they, in particular, will be interested in your pitch. Once you identify relevant trends, pitch your spokesperson to the appropriate editors and offer them an incentive such as an exclusive interview. Here are five quick tips to keep in mind when crafting your pitch: Keep it short and sweet; include only the most important information! You want it to be quick to skim — the longer it is, the less likely they are to make it to the end and thus respond. You may be an engineer, a business person, a developer first, and a PR person second. Put that site into the Audience Interest tool.
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Crafting the perfect media pitch