Gender bias in business writing

Using the command form of verbs allows you to use the second person you and your instead of the third person he and she.

bias in writing

In some instances, you can replace the pronoun with an article a, an, or the. Remove the pronoun. Make your sentences imperative.

guidelines for bias free writing

References 5. Growing Child Newsletter decided to use this strategy throughout its publication, which focused on children's developmental levels. Ideally, choose pronouns that work counter to prevailing stereotypes. So, writers can incorporate these gender-neutral words into their content to avoid being offensive or inaccurate.

Use plural nouns and pronouns.

Bias-free language in business communication

Biased Language Each manager should report his progress to the undersigned by May 1. Even if the description is just to help someone remember which candidate is which and not intended as discriminatory, the appearance of discrimination still can be damaging. Example:You can also use the understood you and simply start your sentence with a verb. Report your progress to me by May 1. Example with article : The writer takes a style guide everywhere. Example rephrased : Writers get very close to their work, so it can be helpful for them to step away from their document for a few days before editing it. Employers are required to ensure their managers and employees show respect for one another in all communication forums. References 5. This can be most damaging to an organization if interviewers or hiring managers make notes on an applicant's resume or hiring paperwork which describe the person's color, race or national origin. Remove the pronoun.

In general, try to avoid them. By making your nouns and pronouns plural, you can use they and their to avoid gender bias. Gender-free Language Each doctor should send a nurse to the workshop.

Gender-free Language If you must use a technical term he or she may not understand, explain it.

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Tips for Avoiding Gender Bias in Writing