Excessive use of the internet

Findings: The findings of this study showed that the Internet offers a quick access to information and facilitates communication however; it is quite dangerous, especially for young users. Physical problems associated with the use of Computers: The ever-increasing use of computers has a negative impact on the health of users affecting various systems and causing physical and mental problems.

It is found that even the frequent attendance in gambling environments where there is no use of real money, can cause addiction. Once users began to use plastic money for transactions conducted solely on the Internet appeared the cases of extortion of money by deceit, through the theft and use of personal data of users.

The internal output is the psychological and emotional sector and personality problems that may arise, such as reduced psychological wellbeing for excessive users according to research findings.

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Email is immediately followed by Facebook and Instagram to see what I missed between the hours of midnight and 7 a. Such activity involves the risk of real financial loss or gain.

Excessive use of the internet

As a matter of fact the logical use and the maintain balance are the key to maximizing the benefits of the Internet. They bring their own revolution in human daily life science, education, information, entertainment etc eliminating the distances and offering immediate and easily access to information and communication. E-mail: rg. Young has created a questionnaire based on other disorders to assess levels of addiction. It can also cause social withdrawal, feeling more at ease interacting with people online rather than in person. The effect of deindividuation of the Internet. Getting Help for an Internet Addiction Any addiction is no laughing matter. The most common scam is the method of Phising.

Evidence of the faked victim are double crossed and used for gaining access to personal data. Internet addiction may be causes by the online gambling and various other forms of gambling for users over the Internet.

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Cyber Racism 5 refers to the phenomenon of online racism. Unfortunately, it offers anonymity that can make it equally dangerous, especially for young users.

Causes of internet addiction

Researchers found that students who screened positive for internet addiction on both scales had more trouble in dealing with everyday activities. These medications are antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs. Did your online use negatively affect a significant relationship, education, career or job? First one was the Internet Addiction Test IAT developed in before the widespread use of smartphones and a new scale based on current internet usage patterns. Email is immediately followed by Facebook and Instagram to see what I missed between the hours of midnight and 7 a. As a matter of fact, some communications are of an improper and illegal nature, in which personal information is gathered to facilitate financial fraud, child grooming and new type of racist culture. The ease of access to online gambling websites increases the risks of engagement of young adults in such activities.
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Social and Psychological Effects of the Internet Use