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In this report I will defend this view citing specific examples from the play. She indirectly causes the dysfunction in the family, because she supports the bad decisions Willy and her boys make, instead of doing the right thing and not supporting them Miller suggests that while Willy might benefit from sticking a toe into the waters of the past, he begins to lose his grip on sanity when he plunges in those waters completely. Success, though, is an interesting concept, for it can entail many superficial qualities. One actor portrays both, readily shifting from one representation to the other. Sympathy is evoked and reasons for his behavior are given. The play revolves around a desperate salesman, Willy Loman. In the era to preserve a healthy household it was important for the father-son relationship to be strong. He is obsessed with the post-war interpretation of the American Dream. The idea of the American Dream is truly subjective. When Willy dies this breed of gentleman passes. Willy Loman was known for many things, like being a salesman and committing suicide, to name a few, but most of the people who read Death of a Salesman will know him for being a Tragic Hero.

Using the perspective of Willy, a fictional, working class citizen, Miller picks apart the myth of the American Dream, exploring topics such as abandonment, betrayal, family dynamics, and using interesting symbolism along the way Willy wants everything that Boswell said plus he wants to be well liked, he wants the all important American Dream, and being better that those who surround him This idea of equality is criticized by both of the texts I will be comparing.

Willie is a sixty three-year-old salesman who has work his entire life to achieve the common goal of the American Dream.

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Willy revisits the past not in an effort to sink into happy memories, but in an effort to analyze himself and understand where his life went wrong. Dave Singleman is his role model, he wants to become well liked and rich.

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For example, Willy's favorite memory is of Biff's last football game because Biff vows to make a touchdown just for him. He is obsessed with the post-war interpretation of the American Dream. He truly wants to understand himself; part of his tragedy is that he is incapable of doing so.

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Over and over, Miller shows how Willy plunges back into the past, stares uncomprehendingly at the errors he made, and then makes those identical errors in the present.

In some ways, Willy and his older son Biff seem trapped in a transitional period of American history.

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