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The lacrosse players contacted would not comment. Owen, possibly for a book. She won a scholarship to attend Duke and was a very avid sports fan during her time there. What is a Senior Thesis?

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Enlist the help of librarians, the honors program director, and other faculty members in addition to your advisor. You want to familiarize yourself not only with what already has been said but also with the terms of the discussion. The Thesis Seminar Experience 1 Full-year admits to the thesis seminar: Thesis proposals will be subjected to highly rigorous standards Advisors must have affiliation with the History department or have a History Ph.

The timing will be determined by the nature of their project, since group feedback may be useful at different stages for different products. A man who said he was her father answered the phone in Connecticut and said that his daughter did not want to comment.

You will need to ground your thesis in primary sources, which may be written such as documentsvisual such as postersaural such as recordingsor a combination such as films.

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In turn, professors are more likely to take you on as an advisee if they know your work. Please try again later. You may opt-out at any time. It's strange that the bloggers at Gawker came to two different conclusions on how to handle it. One-page bibliography listing the most relevant primary and secondary sources to your inquiry. There's no going back now, but maybe Owen should have written out her thesis with pen on real paper, or printed out just one copy that she shared with her friends in person. On the next screen, look over your submission to ensure that the information is accurate and free from typos and other errors.

I'll leave you to check out the PowerPoint at Gawker if you're interested in seeing what I am Charlotte Simmons could have been if Charlotte Simmons was a hot, sexually-aggressive sorority girl. By putting it in an electronic format and sending it out by email, she practically invited it to go viral.

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U.S. military plans to explore results in Robertson Scholar's thesis