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A good census design will recognise this and take account of the error with quality controls.

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Methodology All households in England and Wales received a Census questionnaire through the post from the Office for National Statistics ONSalong with an information leaflet and a pre-paid envelope for return by post. This population growth through 'natural change' has been accompanied in the past two decades by growth through net international migration into the United Kingdom.

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All percentages have been calculated using unrounded data. The immigrants together with the natives compose the various ethnic groups in Great Britain. The UK population is ageing With ongoing advances in technology, healthcare and lifestyles, people in the UK are living longer on average than they might have in years gone by.

The indigenous British are believed to be descendants of the various ethnic groups that settled in the Great Britain before the 11th Century including the Romans, Norse, Anglo-Saxon, and Celts. Driven by modest natural increase and positive net immigration, the population will reach 77 million byaccording to the ONS projections.

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United Kingdom Demographics Profile