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This continued untilwhen the Chamber relinquished its responsibilities for the Yell Leaders. The program originated with an intramural track meet intended to, "stimulate interest in track and to get the track prospects into shape. The name Diadeloso Spanish for "Day of the Bear" was adopted following a campus name contest in By Brandice Nelson Text For over a century, the Baylor University Homecoming Parade has played an important role in the relationship between the institution, its alumni, and the greater Waco community.

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Athletics[ edit ] Inthe Chamber began the intramural sports program to promote class rivalries and to discover talent for the Baylor athletic programs. As an organization, the Chamber has experienced its ups and downs; most notably in its history, the Chamber has mourned two deaths.

Shopkeepers and restaurant owners downtown decorated their storefronts with green and gold and joined the throng lining the streets as the parade passed through downtown. As a result, students marched in groups and decorated wagons and buggies.

Family Weekend[ edit ] Ina special day was designated to introduce the University to Baylor parents.

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The first banquet honored Baylor's Southwest Conference Championship team. Diadeloso[ edit ] Diadeloso is a campus-wide holiday that occurs each spring. Baylor University Nearly twenty-five blocks of participants lined the streets, eager to share their school spirit. Changes[ edit ] The most notable change of late came when women were allowed to rush and pledge as part of the membership accession process. Now, each fall is marked by this grand and time-honored spectacle, an essential element in the fabric of the university and greater community. They have remembered the traditions of the men of , 'Anything for Baylor. In the parade, the Baylor mascot also made its debut. All female groups such as this offered opportunities for women to participate in the social and service aspects of the university, in addition to their studies. The first was that of John Clifton, a pledge from Crosby, Texas who died of asphyxiation during pledge activities in the fall of

Escalating international tensions in the s cast a shadow over university activities. Previously, the Chamber assisted the sophomore class in operating this event.

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Baylor Homecoming Parade