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The angel could be anyone and represent a variety of things to a variety of people- just like art.

Self reflective essay

Helfenbein Eds. Reflective Essay Question What experience is most meaningful for you? As you go through, use the details you thought about in step 2. Was this a good or a bad thing for me? The example of the body shows the essence of art in the world, it is a talent… Words - Pages 4 Art and Visual Arts Essay Frames In visual arts we use three main content areas. ED We argue that art is a significant extension of this qualitative approach. He invented the Giraffe, the elephant and the cat. Students were also required to individually create art projects that reflected their experiences and personal growth during their participation in service-learning. If we expect little from them, they will achieve little and we will fail them.

Art also teaches you solve problems and to let go of perfection. By reviewing their emotions about their teaching and examining patterns of what worked and did not work, teachers can better plan their lessons and solve problems with student learning and behavior.

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First off, this class helped me to realize that there are a lot more elements that go into a drawing than most people think that there are - elements like line, form, value, and space. However, the professor was so impressed with our collective talent and cared so much about the direction that the class was going that he would often let us take an active role in kinds of projects we wanted to do.

Releasing the imagination: Essays on education, the arts, and social change. The day before I was supposed to leave, I still hadn't visited the beach. How can this help me in my career? How was my experience of this unique to me?

There were also times in class where we would share what we had created with the rest of our classmates.

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We use these areas in both practical studies and the critical and historical studies it is very important to become familiar with the language used in visual arts. What does it make you think about? You must cite specifics from your work and show you understand the meaning of the principle. They can reflect on how well they interacted with the patient, and draw conclusions on what worked and what didn't so that they can better interact with patients. Its kind of like the difference between making a silly home movie with your friends and making an Oscar-worthy, cinematic masterpiece. He invented the Giraffe, the elephant and the cat. The measuring techniques were extremely useful to me because they helped to prevent my drawings from becoming squished and distorted especially the finding the midpoint technique which was described in Keys to Drawing and the unit on composition was enlightening because it taught me that not every subject has to be centered in the middle of the page. Hate it?

I also like the artwork of Brad Holland and Dilleen Marsh. If I didnt completely finish a drawing or it didnt turn out quite as good as what I had envisioned in my head, then too bad.

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Writing a Reflection or Artists' Statement