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The assistance systems fitted in the new BMW 7 Series with their impressive wealth of features demonstrate how much progress has been made along the road to automated driving. In the main menu on the Control Display, the driver is able to create and individually configure up to ten pages, each showing two to four widgets tiles with live content such as navigation, vehicle information and entertainment. Operating at speeds up to 37 mph on divided highways, this assist system uses the interior driver-facing camera to allow the driver extended hands off driving as long as they are attentive to the road ahead. The new BMW i xDrive sprints from 0 to 60 mph in 3. It was also the first BMW to offer an anti-lock braking system ABS , a driver's airbag and double-link front suspension. The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant learns routines and habits, and is subsequently able to apply them in the appropriate context. Further improved hardware is the defining characteristic of the latest version of the BMW Touch Command unit. It was also the first European car to offer satellite navigation [8] and the first BMW to offer an in-built television. In , V8 engines became available.

The Active Driving Assistant additionally includes the Lane Departure Warning Blind Spot Detection systems, which are operational from 44 — mph and from 12 mph up to top speed respectively and help the driver guide the vehicle back onto the correct path with an active turn of the steering.

The key destinations will be stored in BMW Connected and synchronized with the car, so that the most important addresses can be accessed from any device at any time.

By projecting information graphics onto the windscreen, the optional BMW Head-Up Display provides a particularly effective means of focusing on the task of driving.

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Further improved hardware is the defining characteristic of the latest version of the BMW Touch Command unit.

The bars of the U. Azurite Black metallic joins the new Individual paints as a carry-over. Depending on the situation, the driver can choose from the familiar iDrive Controller, the steering wheel controls, touch screen control, voice control or gesture control, depending on the preferences of the driver.

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Digital, intelligent and totally connected.

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