An overview of the critiques of development of the non western systems of knowledge

Lummis points out that it was only after this speech that the concept of development as a remedy for underdevelopment entered the social sciences as a technical term.

Differentiate between indigenous knowledge and scientific knowledge

Keller, E. These ways are internal to cultures, and there is no transcultural way of sorting out the contradictory truth claims. A collaborative feasibility study for a participatory development strategy among the hill tribes of Southwest China: The "Gung Ho" cooperative enterprises in Lijiang. Staying alive: Women, ecology and development. Education should be liberating instead of enslaving. A mutual aid savings co-operative linked to village-level savings co-operatives is being established, and there are plans for a training centre for technical and co-op management education. At the same time, there is a growing awareness that traditional peoples do in fact have knowledge about properties of the natural world that are important and valuable. Marglin also reminds readers that the power of beliefs is not limited to traditional societies. Ziai finds a more constructive and reflective answer to this point of critique. Novy, Andreas Entwicklung gestalten.

Discourse and power in development: Michel Foucault and the relevance of his work to the Third World. Recent Chinese efforts to develop a whole range of commodity markets including not only markets for consumer products and producer goods but also labour markets, money markets, real estate markets, land-use contract markets, intellectual property markets, and even stock and bond markets have elicited considerable comment inside and outside the country.

References Amin, S.

western knowledge

The stages of economic growth: A non-communist manifesto. Preserving Space for Autonomy The issue is not to preserve traditional beliefs and practices fixed and frozen in time, no matter how fascinating or attractive to the modern urban scholar.

difference between traditional knowledge and indigenous knowledge

Merkle, J. The amazing thing to contemplate is not the enormity of the destruction of biological and cultural diversity wrought in the name of development, but the ideological impact of scientizing the project.

He goes on to observe that in the place of this cultural diversity "a global monoculture is spreading like an oil slick over the planet. Saunders, Kriemild ed.

difference between traditional and scientific knowledge
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