An analysis of the rule of ramses the second the third pharaoh of the nineteenth dynasty in egypt

He managed to fend off invasions from the Hittites and Nubians.

how long did ramses ii rule

Had the Hittite king Muwatalli II committed his reserve forces to the battle, Ramses and the Egyptian army could have been destroyed. They are decorated with the usual scenes of the king before various deities.

InCairo Museum Egyptologists noticed that the mummy's condition was rapidly deteriorating. Min festival This is an ancient festival dating back to pre-dynastic Egypt, though it was still popular at the time of Ramesses II.

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Ramesseum The temple complex built by Ramesses II between Qurna and the desert has been known as the Ramesseum since the 19th century. In August , contractors relocated it to save it from exhaust fumes that were causing it to deteriorate. Ramses II defaced the monuments of previous reigning dynasties which had fallen out of favor, and sought to return Egyptian religion to how it had been before the reign of Akhenaton. In ancient Egypt , red-haired people were believed to be adherents of the god Seth Towards the end of his full life, Ramses II suffered major health problems including a hunched back attributable to arthritis and an abscessed tooth Ramses II outlived almost all of his family. Nearly all of his subjects had been born during his reign. Ramesses II also campaigned south of the first cataract into Nubia. The practice of placing shabti dolls in the tombs and graves of the dead was precisely for this purpose: so the dolls would take the place of the deceased in work projects. He was also responsible for suppressing some Nubian revolts and carrying out a campaign in Libya. No pharaoh ever surpassed the building achievements of Ramses II. A temple of Seti I, of which nothing is now left but the foundations, once stood to the right of the hypostyle hall. He is also known as Ozymandias in the Greek sources, from a transliteration into Greek of a part of Ramesses's throne name, Usermaatre Setepenre, "Ra's mighty truth, chosen of Ra". He then charged the eastern wing of the assembled foe with such ferocity that they gave way, allowing the Egyptians to escape the net which Muwatalli had cast for them Strategically, however, the result was a defeat for the Egyptians, who were obliged to retire homeward. This was proved to be a successful campaign with Ramses returning home with Canaanite royal prisoners and plunder.

Over the ensuing years, Ramesses II would return to campaign against the Hittites and even achieved several spectacular victories at a time of Hittite weakness due to a dispute over Muwatallis' succession to briefly capture the cities of Tunip, where no Egyptian soldier had been seen since the time of Thutmose III almost years previously, and even Kadesh in his Eighth and Ninth Years.

Researchers observed "an abscess by his teeth which was serious enough to have caused death by infection, although this cannot be determined with certainty".

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In addition, his campaigns restored land to Egypt that had been previously lost to these empires. Seawright The festival was carried out by the king himself, followed by his wife, royal family, and court.

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Nineteenth Dynasty of Egypt