An analysis of sport at school

Ankara: Ayyildiz Publishing.

Kagitcibasi, C. Hartmann-Tews Ed.

An analysis of sport at school

Ankara: MEB Publishing. Researchers have found that the motivators that drive an individual to continue to play or discontinue participation in a sport change as the individual ages and progresses in the sport.

Keten, M. Fogelman, Y. Movement Development in children and sports. Behavioral Sciences. Although information has been gathered in these areas regarding keeping middle school and high school aged children in sports, little research has targeted children prior to middle school. Kelinske, B. Ikizler, C. Treanor, L. Istanbul: Alfa Publishing.. Hartmann-Tews Ed. The specific server will be based on your location, to offer optimum app performance. Eskisehir: Anadolu University Publishing.

Yagmur, Y. Biostatistics with SPSS. Geschlecht als strukturdimension sozialer ungleichheit im sport, in: K.

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Video Analysis for School Sports Teams