American colonist and boston tea party

Britons and British Americans agreed that, according to the constitution, British subjects could not be taxed without the consent of their elected representatives. After receiving a report that Governor Hutchinson had again refused to let the ships leave, Adams announced that "This meeting can do nothing further to save the country.

boston tea party facts

The Beaver had been quarantined in the outer harbor for two weeks due to a case of smallpox. Thanks to their Native American costumes, only one of the tea party culprits, Francis Akeley, was arrested and imprisoned.

The commander of the division to which I belonged, as soon as we were on board the ship, appointed me boatswain, and ordered me to go to the captain and demand of him the keys to the hatches and a dozen candles.

Sons of Liberty The Sons of Liberty were a group of colonial merchants and tradesmen founded to protest the Stamp Act and other forms of taxation. They also wanted the colonists to pay some of the future costs of stationing soldiers at forts scattered over the new Western frontier.

It gave the Company a monopoly on the sale of tea in the colonies.

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The Boston Tea Party (article)