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However, the foremost area the intern specialized was Internal Audit. The company uses both the private and open office layouts. In fulfillment of the requirement of the Degree, Professional and Tertiary Diploma programs pursued at the University of Professional Studies, Accra, it is mandatory for level students to have a minimum of two 2 months practical industrial experience in their respective fields of training and organization of their choice. Clip folders are used to hold petty cash request forms tightly so that they do not fall. This when done, will boost customer confidentiality in the company and build a strong and lasting relationship. It also allowed the student to harness the skill, knowledge and theoretical practice been taught in the university. There was unity among the staffs and this stretched to the intern. College of Islamic Studies 6. Also a good insight on the topic can be assured. The intern was given a deadline to submit an audit report to management.

Conducting of Internal Auditing and providing report. The internship gave a new lifestyle to the intern.

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The audit became less difficult because the intern had completed a University course in Auditing just before vacation. The audit particularly covered Revenue and Expenses.

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The company has a significant synergies with many African, European and US institutions. A new customer pays for the deposit in addition to the new service before pipe-line connection is made. This was a major task for the intern as he had no prior audit experience. The intern also realized that the staff of the company worked together as a team to achieve the goals of the company, the output of one department served as the input for another department. This department comes under the all the jobs, tasks, students and the lecturer those study students and teaches lecturer the department. I was placed under the Commercial department. The internship help students to learn, know and understand what actually happen on the field as compared to what they have studied in the school. The third week of my attachment period was from the 6th July to 10th July University of Somalia has the following colleges: 1.

First and foremost, I am grateful to God Almighty for giving me good health, guidance and protection in the field of work during my internship period. This department comes under the all the jobs, tasks, students and the lecturer those study students and teaches lecturer the department. The intern solely conducted an internal audit to establish the areas of risk regarding Revenue and Expenses of the company.

Finally, Solutions Technologies should develop a customer support committee.

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The machine should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. The intern has been enlightened on the application of theories in real life situations.

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