A summary of the jungle by upton sinclair

We shall have the sham reformers self-stultified and self-convicted; we shall have the radical Democracy left without a lie with which to cover its nakedness!

the jungle upton sinclair

For some of the remainder there was only a basis of truth. A man might work full fifty minutes, but if there was no work to fill out the hour, there was no pay for him. The end of it was that the young lady sent them a basket of things to eat, and left a letter that Jurgis was to take to a gentleman who was superintendent in one of the mills of the great steel works in South Chicago.

A summary of the jungle by upton sinclair

This investigation had inspired Sinclair to write the novel, but his efforts to publish the series as a book met with resistance. Their home! But the job is too difficult for the old man, and it quickly kills him. If they miss a single monthly payment on the remainder of the money they owe, they will immediately be evicted. He spends his money on prostitutes and drinking and becomes a migrant farm laborer. After she fails to come home one night, Jurgis confronts her. Eventually, Jurgis discovers that Ona has been lying to him. The packers bring in poor black laborers from the South to break the strike, and Packingtown is soon embroiled in even more filth and debauchery than before. Learning about the visit, owners had their workers thoroughly clean the factories prior to the inspection, but Neill and Reynolds were still revolted by the conditions. He begins to drink heavily, and Elzbieta keeps his money from him so that the family might survive. It was sold to the meat workers at inflated prices. As the story ends, the results of an election are being received. It's also a slow time around the meatpacking plants, so Marija's factory temporarily closes down. After the election ends, Jurgis stays on at the factory. At the height of the beef trust, the five largest companies controlled 55 percent of the market.

Things seem to be looking up when Marija Ona's cousin gets a job painting the outsides of cans of smoked beef and Jonas Ona's step-uncle gets a meatpacking plant position. No middle class was described.

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A time of peril on the killing beds was when a steer broke loose. Marija has gotten a job trimming beef at a factory.

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The Jungle Summary